Building and accelerating small and medium sized businesses.

Building and accelerating small and medium sized businesses

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Access to funding. Access to market. Compliance with an ever increasing compendium of regulations. These are the top 3 challenges faced by many SMMEs globally. CollabHous3 is a business with the primary goal of delivering bespoke solutions and actively developing and partnering with SMMEs to help achieve this goal. What began as a desire to get involved in developing SMMEs without setting foot in the Venture Capital space has now become a concept that has been brought to life where we are able to provide SMMEs with business opportunities and access to market.

CollabHous3 specialises in innovative business solution design, delivery and ongoing support. We have an innate ability to collaborate and deliver bespoke solutions. Our process model is very unique: we aim to understand your request whether it be unique or standard, collaborate and then deliver either a streamlined or specialised solution based on what you need. Our solution delivery model gives us a very unique edge.


Our Process

Step 1

Receive the request.

Step 2

Collaborate to validate understanding of the request.

Step 3

Configure existing solution to clients needs or design bespoke solution.

Step 4

Deliver solution as per our structured delivery model.

Step 5

Post delivery review.

Step 6

Ongoing support.


To accelerate the growth of SMMEs by providing a platorm that helps connect them with opportunities in the marketplace


To be recognised globally as one of the top innovative companies to support the growth of SMMEs.

Business solution design and delivery

The art of balancing People, Time and Resources with the collective aim of delivering outcomes that are bias to customer Value. CollabHous3 boast with the ability to plan monitor and execute large scale projects and programs but also has the ability to downscale to the needs of bespoke projects. Experience in driving multi-workstream programs across M&A’s, large scale data transfers, national solution implementation, intern change initiative, large construction projects and reflect a keen ability to manage stakeholders and product owners. The application of Prince2 Methodology ensures a generic approach towards project management and skill-sets that include Agile and Lean start-up help to deliver quick turn around for smaller market sensitive projects.


SMME Development

CollabHous3 aims to provide an inclusive platform for SMMEs with the primary goal of assisting these businesses with access to market and having CollabHous3 function as an incubator for them. CollabHous3 will not only provide these businesses with access to market but also address and help solve the issue that many SMMEs face in the form of professionalism, branding and visual communication of the value that they bring to the market. This, coupled with access to market, positions these SMMEs very well to succeed in the marketplace. CollabHous3 aims to equip and position SMMEs for success. Our model enables us to assist SMMEs in their life cycle, from inception to maturity. Professionalism, branding, compliance and access to market — these are the four major issues CollabHous3 aims to solve using our model.


Properties and facilities management

Our capabilities extend beyond procurement, SMME development and project management. We also offer facilities management services where we offer services either per site, installation or facility but not limited to buildings, warehouses, depos, military barracks, etc. We offer a wide-range of services including: Cleaning, Churn Services, Handyman Services, Pest Control, Waste Management, Fleet Management, Transport Services, Warehouse Management, Security Services (Perimeter Fencing, CCTV, Guarding and much more). We assist you to focus on your core competencies and to deliver productive work spaces in line with your business culture.


Procurement and Supply Chain

Our procurement model carries at its core, three key principles. The first is to negotiate the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for expenditure incurred instead of attempting to achieve the lowest price as price is one aspect of cost. Our second key objective is to optimize both the Supply and Value Chain. We review current supply base in respect of cost efficiency and cost leverage opportunities as well as the review of existing contracts and service level agreements.


Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.


Mandla Msweli

Founder & CEO

Mandla Msweli is a seasoned businessman with experience in a number of fields ranging from Properties and Facilities management, Procurement/Supply Chain to Industrial and Financial Services. With over 25 years experience in these various sectors, Mandla’s extensive business integration, management experience and business knowledge acquired has enabled him to garner significant business insights and skills. Having obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Mathematics and Chemistry from the University of Witswatersrand, an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Bond University, a MDP from the European School of Business, a Diploma in Life Coaching and a Certificate in Supply Chain Management; it was Mandla’s innate leadership abilities and his passion for the business environment that led him straight into corporate and now into entrepreneurship and business development.

Mandla’s vast leadership experience has been cultivated by the plethora of positions he has assumed throughout his career. Positions ranging from Director of the Contracts and Logistics Division at Aramex, Group Executive of Supply Chain Management at Ellerines Holdings as well as Head of Group Properties and Facilities Management at Hollard Insurance. It is his flexibility and innovation in adapting and applying knowledge to different circumstances and environments that has lent a hand in getting him to where he is today. Mandla’s strong leadership, motivational skills and ability to handle sensitive and controversial issues in a diplomatic and emphatic manner are key skills for leading in a business environment. He has also been involved in starting a number of small businesses with mixed success.

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